Saturday, April 28, 2012

10 Things That Will Always Be Awesome

...No matter how old you are.

1. Your birthday cake.

What is delicious? Your cake. Your cake is delicious.

2. Someone who knows how to tell a joke. It doesn’t have to be off color, just funny.

3. Hanging out with a friend. Or visit a few blogs.

4. A really good book. For best results, read by a hot fire on a cold night.

5. Riding down a hill on a bicycle. Preferably with some padding, just in case you wipe out.

6. Dyeing eggs.

Maybe not quite so elaborate.

7. Hearing your name called during a contest. Winning is fun no matter what.

8. Figuring out something before anyone else. Like a plot twist or a riddle.

9. Eating whipped cream directly from the can. Who needs things like bowls anyway?

10. Having ice cream for dinner.

You know you want to eat this.

Hope everyone’s weekend is going well : )
If not, try one of the above.


  1. I'm with you on everything except #6. And I am now inspired to have ice cream for dinner tonight.

  2. That's a pretty good list of awesome!! I wonder if I could combine ice cream-eating with bicycle-riding?

  3. A very fun list! But downhill on a bicycle sounds scary.

  4. I can't do ice cream for dinner. It makes me feel all jittery.

    And I love dyeing stuff made from wool yarn. Using food coloring. Or Kool-Aid. That's too fun.

  5. That is an awesome list - especially since I did just eat some whipped cream from the can today.... :)

  6. #4 is awesome, #7 rarely happens to me, so I wouldn't know, #8 I manage to do sometimes--cool, and #9...'off your spouse' tops 'straight from the can' any day of the week. hahaha Great post. :D

  7. I've never dyed eggs, so I can't say anything for that... but as for the rest, I completely agree.


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