Saturday, February 4, 2012

Random Thoughts

---It’s been really easy for me to switch from writing 2011 to 2012 in dates. Just goes to show you how glad I am that year is gone.
---You never realize how much you use a letter until it starts sticking in the keyboard. For the record, I have no idea how that piece of salt got stuck under there.
---I really dislike Starbucks’ coffee, but damn they make good hot chocolate.
---It’s a lot easier to open bananas from the bottom then the stem at the top.
---The corona around the sun is a million degrees (in Celsius of course) hotter than the surface of the sun. That’s right. It gets hotter the further you go from the sun.
---PS. The sun isn’t yellow. Any coloring we perceive is from the light shining through Earth’s atmosphere. Out in space, the sun is boring old white.
---Another mystery of the universe: why do they have courthouses, places where large numbers of people need to be on any given day, with no parking spaces?
---There’s nothing more depressing than finding out there’s a book with the same title and plot point as your own. I thought I was so original.
---Back in high school, there was always a “Senior Prank.” You know, stuff like leaving a For Sale sign on the school’s lawn or releasing greased pigs (yes, that happened). Every graduating class had one. Except mine. Because we were that lazy.
---Canceling Valentine’s Day? Mean, Uzbekistan. Just mean.
---I hate it when I have one of those dreams where I’m late for something and no matter what I do, I can’t get there (usually a class in college, dang it). I’m stressed out enough. I don’t need to be anxious in my sleep, too.
---I read one of the most laughably bad “poems” in all creation. It’s in quotation marks because as a writer, I’m offended by its very existence. In order to write poetry, you have to be able to use words.
---Ever heard of trepanning? If no, don’t click on the link. You’re probably better off not knowing.

And to finish it off, another conversation between me and my mom:

Her: I am watching the worst movie ever.
Me: Plan 9 From Outer Space?
Her: No.
Me: Cliffhanger?
Her: No.
Me: Something on Lifetime?
Her: Yeah, that’s the one. [Pause] I like Cliffhanger.

Yes, she actually admitted that. I’m so ashamed.


  1. Moms can be so.... mom-like...

  2. I have a similar problem to the keyboard, only it has to do with mice. I play Warcraft enough (or used to, haven't been able to afford it lately :-() that my mouse starts to go bad. First the right mouse button, then the left. I can't click!

  3. Oh man, you've gotta like Cliffhanger. Yes, maybe kind of lame, but I still like it. Hmmm - apparently there is no explanation for it. And Starbucks. *sigh* Heavenly coffee AND hot chocolate! Seriously... so YUMMY!

  4. It's always easy for me to write the new January. I start writing the old year again sometime in April. I don't know why. One of my strange quirks.

    Once you start talking in millions of degrees, the scale doesn't matter. Of course, this came from the same professor who did a quick calculation of something, and used 3 instead of 3.14 for pi (which blew our undergraduate minds). Or maybe it was a different professor...

    I have no idea what our senior prank was. Or even if we had one.

    I had an awful dream last night, about video games. Not playing them, but sorting them? I don't even know. But it was stressful, because I knew I was dreaming, and I couldn't get the dream to make sense even as I was dreaming it.

  5. A random guess for courthouses: Many of them were built before cars. You're supposed to ride your horse to the courthouse and tie it to the hitching post outside.

    Our senior class also didn't bother with a prank. And while we did have a class t-shirt, it didn't have the word "seniors" or our graduation year on it. It read, "Go Nuts." I'm still not sure why.

  6. My class didn't have a senior prank or a senior skip day. I'm not sure we were lazy. Let's just say we lacked leadership.

    And the dream? I both get lost at college and lose the use of my legs on the school bus (age unknown). Weird.

  7. Hey! I like Cliffhanger!

    My classes didn't have senior pranks, though a handful of us did once roll a guy who had it coming in one of those tractor tires down a hill and over a stream....


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