Sunday, July 31, 2011

More Complicated Than You Think

There has been sooooo much talk recently about the debt ceiling, and how we’re going to default, and how the world is going to descend into a post-apocalyptic hell similar to the books I write. Which might actually hurt the market for dystopian. Hm.

What’s my opinion on all this? I have no freaking idea what to do. I’m not an economist, a finance wizard, or a politician who pretends that I am these things. What I know about the situation is what I’ve gleaned from the newspaper and Comedy Central.

It’s not that I don’t care about what’s going on. I do. I just don’t know how to solve it, and I’m sure no one person can. But still, the media (social and otherwise) will be filled with people claiming that it’s just this easy, all they have to do is raise the debt ceiling/raise taxes/lower taxes/cut spending/call China and tell them the check is in the mail but you know how slow delivery is just be patient would we lie to you? Just as writing isn’t merely putting words on paper, fixing this isn’t merely waving our hand and magically fixing the economy.

Not that I begrudge anyone from expressing their opinion. The free exchange of ideas is important! We should talk about it, throw around solutions, and just listen to what others have to say. I just hope everyone keeps in mind that there are factors of which we are unaware and our brilliant ideas might not actually work the way we think.

In conclusion, if you don’t have a possible answer like me, that’s okay. If you do, that’s fine too. Just remember to listen first, ask questions second, and be kind third. Finally, when all else fails, here’s a picture of kittens:

Works every time.


  1. In this subject it is very difficult to have a free exchange of ideas. People are so passionately attached to their's that sometimes a differing opinion comes as a personal attack. Just try to have a different idea than my mo-in-law. :)
    The pic of kittens helped. Thx.

  2. Kitten picture definitely works!
    Glad they did reach an agreement last night and will hopefully sign it today.

  3. Awwwwww, kitty pics do it every single freaking time - soooooo cute! These two remind me of my aunt's old cat Carrot... *reaches out to cuddle adorable cats*

    I do wish people could discuss such things (like the debt ceiling, I mean) in a calmer, more rational manner - it does nobody any good to ram opinions down peoples' throats. As L. Diane Wolfe said above, I'm just glad they did reach an agreement.

  4. I love the kitten picture. The big one looks just like my cat. Only far less evil.

    Everything I know about this debt ceiling situation came from Comedy Central too...


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