Monday, June 6, 2011

Summer in the City

Well, guys, the Summer in the City blogfest is HERE!

From Bess Weatherby

The rules for this blogfest are easy. Just post what your WIP looks like and what your writing goals are for the summer! The idea is a good one. Having goals really helps me focus. So without further stalling for time...

1. Finish first draft current WIP. I'm at ~30K and expect to add another 30K--at least.
2. Do the first draft sweep. By that I mean go through the above WIP and flesh out areas I kind of skipped over.
3. Analyze the WIP with a scene by scene breakdown. This is usually when I cut stuff and really analyze the plot. Is it going the way I want it to? Are the characters actually developing and not just "reading lines"? I know most people do this before they write the book. But I'm a pantser!
4. Grammar and word check! That's always a painful experience. I go through it line by line for overused words. 'Just' is the worst offender, but some, so and really tend to appear all too often.
5. Read aloud. This usually takes the longest, but I should be able to get through it by the end of summer. I think.
6. Send it out for critiques! I hope my friends will be patient with me...
7. Go back to my last WIP and rewrite! Add that storyline I always meant to. Then ship it out for more critiques/beta reading, which it sorely needs.
8. Try to visit and comment on blogs more. I don't like to comment unless I have something interesting to say. So I guess I'll have to think up more interesting things!

So, what do you think? Are my goals reasonable? I'm alternating between "You'll never get it done" and "Is that all you're going to do?"

I'll be sure to visit the other participants! Thanks for dropping by!


  1. Sounds reasonable to me. If you get through all those, then you can always add more stuff on later.

    And I'm the same way with blog comments. Unless I have something to say (and it hasn't been said several times already), I won't comment. I do read, though.

  2. Thanks for the comment on my blog.

    Your list is great! Blogfest is so fun because, for someone like me who is still working on the first draft of my first novel, reading about all the nifty extra steps that are coming is so helpful!!! And overwhelming, but it's good to see the next steps are out there, you know!

    I totally know what you mean about word check for overused words. I can slip into that whirlpool and feel like I'll never think of a different way to describe an action or a character. But it's something I really hate about some authors... they keep using the same word over and over again and congratulating themselves for being so original :)

    Good luck with your goals!

  3. I like your idea of the scene by scene breakdown. This is what I need to do, too, fellow pantser. :) And hey, thanks for following!

  4. Your list is ambitious, but doable.

    I'm guilty of "so" and "that". I've gotten much better at not using "that".

    Good luck with the rest of your WIP!

  5. These sound like great goals! Like Theresa said, ambitious, but doable. If you don't mind, I'm going to copy them so I can have a rough outline of what to do once I finish my WIP. That's basically my biggest goal for the summer. All the editing you're planning on doing will have to come later. Good luck!

  6. Great goals! I have a similar problem with comments.

  7. That's a big list but totally achievable! You can do it, if you believe in yourself. I'll be following your journey with keen interest!

    Ellie Garratt

  8. Wow, that's quite the list! I guess it depends on how long it takes you to add another 30k to your WIP (we both have the same word-count goal, by the way - whoooo!). You seem to be a bit faster than I am (three pages a day, which adds up to, I think, somewhere around 1500 words?), so I definitely think you can do it. I totally understand your wavering between "you'll never get all that done" and "that's ALL you're going to do?" I'm like that, too.

    Best of luck! :-)

  9. Hi, Nice to be here again,
    Good Goals and Good Tips,
    Reasonable too, keep up the good work

    thanks for dropping in and for the follow
    best regards

  10. I really need to do that reading aloud thing!

    Good luck with your goals :)

  11. I HATE first drafts. (So painful.) Good luck. It sounds like you've got a really great grip on things.

  12. I think your goals sound great. Very attainable, some easy, some requiring work. Good luck!

  13. I sure hope your goals are reasonable cos they sound a lot like mine! I'd love to finish editing my novel by the end of summer. And then *gasp* queries!


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