Sunday, June 26, 2011

Dystopianites, Unite!...s.

It bothers me that Dystopian isn’t considered its own genre in most places. If you go on AgentQuery, a favorite of mine, you see they have genres of Horror, Adventure, Thrillers/Suspense and Science Fiction…but no Dystopian or post-Apocalyptic. Military/Espionage warrants its own listing, but not Dystopian. It’s the same on QueryTracker. They don’t even have a listing for Speculative Fiction!

I feel a bit neglected. Dystopian works are pretty serious contenders these days. Yet almost anywhere you go, it doesn’t merit its own genre listing.

I know, all of these books, as well as the ones I write, can also be considered YA. But to me, YA has always been more of a secondary genre, an audience I’m trying to connect with. I write Dystopian. It just seems to come out YA. Not that there aren’t important adult Dystopians out there. But these days, YA is where most of the fire is coming from.

Fellow YA Dystopian writers, what do you think? What would you want to come first, the YA or the Dystopian (or both equally?)? And what genre do you write?


  1. I don't really write either dystopia or YA in general, but I do wish that book sites would get on board with adding dystopia as a genre, especially considering how popular it is just now!

  2. I think you may be on to something here. It would certainly help readers pick out stuff if there was a category that featured dystopian. What's good for a reader would be good for a writer too...right?

  3. Sometimes it gets lumped in with paranormal, too. I don't write that type of YA (I'm realistic fiction) but for those who do, a distinction should be made.

  4. I definitely see Dystopian as its own genre! Surprised to hear it isn't seen that way...

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