Tuesday, August 8, 2023

Forgot To Mention

This actually happened just two weeks ago when me and my mom were talking to her sister.
Panel 1, I’m talking with my mom and my aunt, and my aunt says, “You excited about the wedding?” And my mom says, “You mean our cousin’s? Not really. It seems kind of ridiculous at our age.” Panel 2, my aunt says, “Ha, no, I meant my son’s. On the eleventh.” Panel 3, I say, “The eleventh?” and my mom says, “What eleventh? August eleventh?” My aunt says, “Sure! Like my husband told you!” Panel 4, blank, horrified stares, Panel 5, my aunt stops smiling, Panel 6, my aunt says, “Well, he was supposed to.”
My aunt is a scatterbrain, so of course her much more reliable husband is going to inform everyone about the wedding, by phone since it’s not a formal affair. Unless he’s so busy helping to plan it that he, I don’t know, forgets.


Please validate me.