Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Unnecessary Roughness

The first draft of my latest WIP is done! I can’t even believe it! It’s been years since I’ve actually made it this far. And I still really like the story, which is even more impressive. I don’t mean just that I enjoy it or think it’s a good idea, but that I still find it interesting to write about. I’m still bummed that I never felt like finishing my previous book, but it never held my interest as much as this one has. I’m not sure what that says about it, but it’s something.

So the first draft is done, which means that it’s time to start editing. Usually I find editing to be such a bore, but I’m not dreading it this time, possibly because it’s been so long since I’ve actually done it. Actually, scratch “possibly”.

Anyway, I’m off to edit. Have an amazing day!



  1. Congrats! If it held your interest that long, that's a good sign.

  2. I don't mind editing as long as it's someone else's work.
    And I'm getting paid to do it.

    Congrats on your draft!
    Now shut the door.

  3. Congrats on finishing. That's huge. And you know where I am when you need a beta reader.

  4. Congratulations! I hope you did something nice for yourself to celebrate.


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