Tuesday, July 21, 2015

From the Spamfiles

I totally had a great idea for a blog post. But I can’t remember what it was so here’s more from the Spamfiles.

Disappointingly, I haven’t been getting as many of these random-phrase-filled spams as I used to. I like this one because it says “Stan called her life without me”. I’d like to know what prompted Stan to think up such a unique name.

So this woman has accessed to a dead person’s money and she basically wants me to help her steal it. Sure. Okay.

This one just sounds like something a serial killer would say.

The subject line is of course ridiculous. But it’s the beginning of the message that makes this piece of spam hilarious. “If you are a woman, just skip this information and forget you have ever seen this notice.” Someone should tell the spammer that if that really worked, it’s way more valuable than some stupid way to get girls.

 Apparently, you can protect your family from sex offenders by stopping the ringing in your ears and falling asleep naturally. Who knew?


  1. The serial killer one would worry me.

  2. That last one is a really odd mix of elements. Do the spammers even read their messages after they've composed them?

  3. "If you are a woman, just skip this information..." And what if the woman in question is into women?

    Spammers never quit. And never learn the basics of grammar.

  4. You know, it's because nothing is actually random. So you were chosen arbitrarily or chaotically but but not randomly.

  5. Holy cow. These never cease to amaze me. Seems like spammers are getting more desperate ... and more deranged. Who the heck would answer any of these????

  6. I think I would worry more about the sanity of someone who responded to any of them. Spam is definitely getting weirder!

  7. Lately one of my email accounts has gotten an explosion of spam. It amazes me that these things still make the rounds.

  8. People must get conned by these or they wouldn't keep coming. But who?


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