Saturday, September 20, 2014

Going Postal II, Part the Last

We did the best and the most popular, so it’s time to finish the week with the one with the highest comments-to-views ratio. This is basically your pick, so don’t blame me for this one :P.

---Time for some Random Thoughts! It’s been far too long since I’ve shared with you the insanity that runs through my head.
---While visiting some website, the words “This is where I leave you” appeared across the top of the tab, just for a second. I wish I had the time to get a screen cap. What a quiet message, yet fraught with longing.
---Yesterday I read about caterpillars that look like leaves, so naturally last night I dreamed that every tree I came across was full of them.
---One week of camping without any electronics can reset your biological clock, helping you sleep at night. However, doing so requires camping outside for one week without electronics. You can see the problem there.
---Richard Matheson wrote I AM LEGEND, the novel that got turned into that Will Smith movie that ruined the ending. Matheson’s son Chris is the creator of Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure. Let that sink in for a minute.
---America has five percent of the world’s population, yet it produces one quarter of the world’s garbage.
---The embassies of Slovak and Slovenia exchange wrongly addressed mail once a month.
---There is actually a musical of the book/movie AMERICAN PSYCHO. I’m not sure how to feel about that. Confused? Confused.
---A flight from Denver to Baltimore was diverted to another airport for security reasons. Said security reasons that two people complained about an R rated movie they couldn’t shut off being shown to their two young children. No, there’s no way those movie-complaining terrorist parents will win.
---The “Cobra Effect” is when the solution to a problem actually makes the problem worse. I assume it’s named after COBRA from G.I. Joe. Those guys couldn’t do anything right.
---“Ancient Daddy Longlegs Had Four Eyes, Not Two.” And will haunt your nightmares for eternity.
---A missing boy was found playing in a claw machine. Not with it. Inside of it.

Still freaked out about those leave-caterpillars. And the daddy longlegs. And also kind of the American Psycho musical. That just seems off.

See you next week! Original content, I promise! Hey, I got to get a new pool going for next year.


  1. I must prefer Bill and Ted over that Will Smith I Am Legend fiasco.

  2. I don't remember this one. Now, I have to go back and see if I commented on it originally.

  3. I understand why this one got the most comments/view. Your Random Thoughts posts have so much to comment on.

    Just goes to prove that children don't have necessarily have the same tastes as their parents.

  4. I'm startled seeing orange caterpillars. The green ones would be quite surprising.

    How did that kid get inside the machine?

  5. I remember that claw machine image. *shudders*

  6. I believe the movie on the airplane was Alex Cross. It's about a sadistic serial murderer. I wouldn't show that to young children either.


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