Saturday, December 14, 2013

Random Thoughts

---After almost a week of being down, Who.Unfollowed.Me is back. Now I can’t track down all the the jerks who unfollowed me on Twitter.
---You know who you are.
---“Herpes Study Confirms That Human Migration Spread Out From Africa.” Did you ever get the feeling that the world is completely surreal?
---The Western Black Rhino is extinct : (.
---Lift your right foot off the ground. Move it clockwise. Try making a counterclockwise motion with your right hand. Your foot will start moving counterclockwise. It can’t not do that. Your brain is unable to make the same side of your body move in different directions at the same time.
---“US Judge tells man he’s still legally dead”. This is it, people. Zombie apocalypse. Get your guns and canned beans.
---Two Rabbis had some thugs kidnap and beat up husbands who refused to allow their wives permission to divorce them. A sexist as hell system, yes, but I’m more concerned that it was also a plot in an episode of The Sopranos. I think real life has run out of bad ideas, so it’s just taking it from television shows now.
---Edgar Allan Poe once made up a hoax and got a newspaper to fall for it. The hoax? That he had been in a machine that flew across the US. Who’s laughing now, Poe?
---Tech tip: if you ever find yourself typing a blog post or a comment and you find that the cursor keeps highlighting things and typing over them, hit the Insert key and it will go back to normal. You don’t want to know how long it took me to figure that out. Seriously, it’s embarrassing.
---Why is there even an Insert key if not to screw us up when we miss the Delete key? WHY DO YOU HATE US, COMPUTER MAKERS?
---Three and a half million people still pay for AOL. Commence laughing…now!

---The longest piece of literature in the world is a fan fic for the video game Super Smash Bros. It’s over four million words long. Writers, do you ever feel like your life is meaningless?


  1. Of course I had to try the hand and foot test... and of course it went that way...

    Seriously... I know it's a murder and all, but still, who wants a Spongebob gravestone? And wasn't there anyone in the cemetery gravestone business who could have taken these people aside and said, "Look, here's something you need to reconsider..."

  2. That thing by Poe was not a hoax. Tesla and Twain picked him in their time machine and flew him around in it. Tesla might actually be the Doctor.
    I would shake those Rabbis hands if I could. Good on them.

    And I am NOT doing that hand and foot thing. I am NOT. Because I would be compelled to figure out some way to trick my brain into making it do something it can't and probably break my brain.

  3. Okay, I had to check out the Spongebob headstone story. I was wondering how Spongebob related to murder victims ... but turns out there was no connection between the cause of death and the choice of headstone. But I guess the misleading headline worked, because I read the article.

  4. My mom was paying for AOL for a long time. It's so easy to set up an automatic payment plan and then forget about it as the technology changes. (They still offer "upgrades" for paid subscriptions.) But she cut that off a couple years ago now (more than that? I can't recall).

    And this week I learned how to undo a screen flip. I don't know if you've seen it where the computer screen's graphics are all flipped upside down or over to one side. It keeps popping up in computer classes where some student either accidentally triggers it or does it on purpose to annoy a neighbor.

    Anyway, so you know, it's either f11 (on its own) or CTRL + ALT (although sometimes it's the windows key instead of ALT--I got both to work) and an arrow key.

  5. I am laughing at the AOL people.
    WhoUnfollowedMe was down this week? I didn't notice, which means I need to check today.

  6. Lol @ AOL.

    I did not know this stuff.

    I use and Tweepi.

  7. I've never used WhoUnfollowedMe or any other site like that. Should I?

    And I'm totally doing the foot/hand thing. And like what Andrew mentioned, I'm determined to find a way to disprove that theory. It's okay if I break my brain. I don't use it much anyway.


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