Saturday, June 22, 2013

Random Thoughts

---“Cicadas set to overrun East Coast”…this summer is not going to be fun.
---It’s also known as the “Cicadapocalypse”.
---“Aught” means both something and nothing. I know I’ve mentioned this before. I just find it fascinating.
---“Woman arrested for slapping wrong child at school”. I don’t think you’re allowed to do that even if it’s the right child.
---“Big Newly Discovered Spider as Big as Your Face”. It also latches hold of your head and lays an alien in your chest. I assume.
---Seriously, as big as your face. AS BIG AS YOUR FACE.
---Verizon patented a cable box that uses infrared to watch people for specific activities while they watch television so they can target advertisements. The activities? Talking, laughing, singing, and playing an instrument among other things. Laughing I get. Talking—maybe, if the show’s boring or someone won’t shut up while I’m watching Criminal Minds, dammit. But who the hell sings or plays an instrument in front of the television?
---There are also apparently programs that try to detect how expensive your computer is and try to target ads based on it. Which explains why I’m always getting “Go back to school and earn more!” ads.
---China is now censoring the word “censorship” from its internet. So now they won’t know they’re being censored, I guess.
---The Founder of 99 cent stores died. I don’t like to make jokes about deaths, so I’ll just point out that he turned that idea into a billion dollar empire.
---A school in Washington state canceled classes due to the weather. That weather being sunshine. Perhaps they were afraid of the strange orb of fire in the sky.

While helping my mom move furniture (seriously, I hate when she takes vacations):
Her: This is impossible to move. There are no handles!

Me: It’s a desk.

…As big as your face.


  1. How big is that spider again? :)

  2. What kind of ads do you get if you pick your nose in front of the TV, I wonder?

  3. A desk as big as your face?

    You're assuming that you have to be watching TV for the cable box to be watching you.

  4. LOL. I like random thoughts, my brain often works this way. The Cicadapocalypse is going to be great! Sorry I'm going to miss the fun. It's great when they fly into your hair. I remember cicadas coming out when I was in grade school. Recess was...interesting.

    Thanks for the follow. Happy to follow you back. (:

  5. Contranym. That's when a word has two meanings with one being the antonym of the other. It's also called an auto-antonym. How I learned about those is a story that does not belong in a blog comment.

    I would not want my cable box to watch me. There are some things I do when watching TV that I don't want an audience for. I'm working on a new knit pattern that I hope to sell, and I wouldn't want anyone stealing the idea.

    We wouldn't get "sun days" here. There are some days where it rains really hard that we should get off, though. (It wasn't until I was an adult that I learned of the concept of "snow days". Blew. My. Mind.)

  6. Your random thoughts made me smile this morning. Thanks for that!

  7. These are great thoughts, except for the spider one. *shivers*

  8. You'd expect a school in, oh, let's say Kentucky to cancel school out of fear of the big bright fireball in the sky, not Washington....


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