Tuesday, April 2, 2013

April Goals

All right, let’s see how I did…

Goal 1: Check for sight, smell, sound, touch and taste on every page of COLLAPSE. This means I’m highlighting and checking every descriptive phrase to make sure it’s A) good and B) correct. Basically, more microediting. I’m thinking this will take a while.
            Yep! Did not take half as long as I thought it would, so I was able to get through this and partway through a completely different editing pass.

Goal 2: Tweet every new entry on the Spamfiles. Update my Twitter profile to include it (the profile’s long overdue for an updating anyway…).
            I think I may have missed tweeting once or twice, which is kind of shameful since there’s only like eight tweets a month. So I guess this one is a “mostly”.

Goal 3: If I have time, more word hunting in GLITCH. I have nothing pithy and amusing to add to that.
            I guess this would be a failure because I had the time, but worked on other things instead. At least I wasn’t screwing around all of the time. Most of the time. Some times. I did something, okay?

Not bad. Not a full success but I was kind of feeling burnt out this month. It’s getting to the time of year when I usually start on a new project, but since I want to focus on old ones this year, I’m getting a bit antsy. Anyway, what will I do this month?

April Goals
Goal 1: Get COLLAPSE out to some beta readers!!! I get so nervous about sharing my work, so this is going to be a hard one. There are still some word issues, and maybe some with pacing and the like, but I feel like I procrastinate too long on things like this. Anyway, getting feedback will help me figure out what needs to be done.

Goal 2: Start following more blogs on Tumblr. I think I’ll keep this as a weekend project so it won’t interfere with my writing.

Goal 3: Work on notes (and maybe some sort of, shudder, outline) for my new project, which is actually a rewrite of an old project. This should satisfy my urge to do something new. I’ve got some good ideas brewing. It will be nice to sink my teeth into writing again.

And that’s my major goals for April. What are you guys up to this month?


  1. Good for you. Don't be afraid to show your work! I bet it's good. :)

    Nothing wrong with an outline or some other form of plot notes. Like James Bell says, all pantsers face plot & structure at some point.


  2. Feedback will absolutely help you figure out what needs to be done. Or not done, as the case may be.

    This month I have to find a proofreader for one novel, write a blurb, and solve a plot problem for another WIP.

  3. Sounds like you did good for March. And letting someone else read your work is hard, but necessary. But there are a lot of awesome writers in our community - they'll critique constructively :)

  4. I don't know if you should worry about working on something new if you're not feeling it. Sometimes it's good to go with what you're feeling. There may come a time when you'd rather work on something new when you might believe that it's time to edit. It all balances in the end, somehow.

    As for April goals... I need to find a new knitting project.

  5. trying to keep ahead of a-to-z and accomplish the editing goals I have for the month...

  6. Hey, at least you thought about your goals! That's awesome :) I'm trying to do A-Z and have my book ready to pitch in 14 days and critique a friends book. Yeah, I have a lot on my plate...

  7. Trying to keep up with academic obligations on the one hand, and finishing the final readthrough for the MS on the other, are pretty much occupying my month.


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