Saturday, February 23, 2013

Quick Reviews

Here’s some more quick reviews. I included movies this time because I’ve been watching a lot of them lately, and why not? A good movie is just as valuable as a good book. And just as hard to come by ; ).

The Maze Runner
Story: 8 Characterization: 6 Writing: 7
Very good book. The premise is interesting. A bunch of 12-18 year olds trapped in the center of a maze full of monsters, no memory of how they got there, desperate to find a way out. I have to admit, though, I didn’t feel much connection to the main character. I actually thought others were better defined and they weren’t even POV characters. Thomas was a bit too good at everything for my taste. No, he wasn’t always right but he was always close enough that it was a little annoying.

Kill Alex Cross
Story: 2 Characterization: 1 Writing: 1
You know what? Don’t tease people like this, James Patterson. I started reading this book in hopes that my greatest fantasy was at long last coming true, but for some reason Alex Cross is still in the damn book. SPOILER ALERT: he’s not even dead. Frigging waste of time.

A Good Day to Die Hard
Story/Writing: 2 Characterization: 2
Is there a word for something that’s both terrible and awesome at the same time? Because this is it (seriously, we should start calling it a Die Hard). The dialogue and story were atrocious, like the writer hammered it out in two hours after a weekend of binge drinking. But the action scenes were frigging amazing. There was a car chase that lasted twenty minutes—no hyperbole there. Twenty minutes of smashing cars, explosions, and a freaking missile being fired. I hope they release a version where all the talky bits are edited out and we can just watch a solid hour of explosions.

Story/Writing: 10 Characterization: 10
Very good. It’s not often you see a scary movie that, when things aren’t being scary, they’re dealing with real problems. Unlike the above mentioned Die Hard, Mama is well-crafted, with actual characters, yet it manages to be its core genre at the same time. If you like scary movies or well-written movies (and don’t mind jump scenes), try it out.


  1. You have time for movies?
    :P Kidding.
    Good reviews. :)

  2. I've heard some of the same things about the Maze Runner. It sounds interesting, but didn't quite get me. Great reviews of the movies! You review of Kill Alex Cross made me laugh! Why call it that if he's not dead? Darn, lol!

  3. I have the Maze Runner series, and I keep meaning to read it but it hasn't made it to the top of my TBR list yet.

    I haven't read many of the Alex Cross novels, but I generally find them to be lacking. Sorry, James Patterson.

    And I've heard that "terrible and awesome at the same time" thing said a lot about A Good Day To Die Hard. But I'm still planning to see it at some point because I am an unapologetic Die Hard fan.

  4. But I don't like lots of action. I have to put down my knitting and actually watch the screen. This is bad.

    Seriously, though, I keep hearing that same thing about the Die Hard. I'll probably see it when it makes it to TV.

  5. I really liked Maze Runner and have to read the subsequent books. I'm curious to see how the rest of the series plays out. :)

  6. I just watched Alex Cross on Blu-Ray, and the movie sucked as well! The only thing that saved it before was Morgan Freeman, and now that he's been replaced...forget about it!

  7. I've read a couple of Alex Cross novels, and saw the first two movies. I won't watch the most recent one, because I find Tyler Perry to be one of the most annoying human beings on the planet.

    As to A Good Day To Die Hard, I found myself wishing it had a better director and a recast on the son.

    1. He is one of the most annoying human beings. That's why he's perfect for Alex Cross.

      Die Hard should have kept the old director, but only for choreographic the action scenes. Everything else should be done by literally anyone else.


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