Saturday, September 22, 2012

Random Thoughts

---I don’t know if you realized, but I started updating at midnight instead of noon. All that scrolling down when I’m scheduling posts is really annoying. Yes, that’s really why I changed it.
---For some reason, this has to keep being said: non-fiction means it’s not fiction. Is this concept really that difficult to understand?
---Although I do find it deeply ironic that the latest book to be accused of making up facts and quotes is entitled “Creativity”.
---“Star caught devouring planet.” “‘I thought it was a bag of Doritos,’ claims red giant. Grand jury investigation underway.”
---Dang it. Now I want Doritos.
---If you’re in trouble for possession of marijuana, it might not be the best move to retaliate on the police who arrested you by running over seven police cars in a giant tractor. Just saying, marijuana is a little less of a crime than destroying a million dollars worth of police property.
---If we ever make time machines, I have a feeling lotteries are going to have to be canceled. Everyone’s just going to go back in time with the winning numbers.
---While typing “explosive decompression” into a search engine, one of the things that came up was “explosive diarrhea”. Apparently it’s more common than the decompression, because it came up first. I’m not exactly sure what to make of that.
---The moon is slowing down the Earth by two milliseconds every century. Lousy moon. Sitting up there and making our days longer. Thinks it’s soooooo great.
---Look at it up there. Plotting against us. You better pull away at four centimeters a year! I’m onto you!
---Dark chocolate lowers blood pressure. Finally, an excuse to cram my face with chocolate bars.
---An American won the world air guitar championships. This was news on BBC, people. BBC.
---You can use sliced bread to mop up broken glass. Apparently, sliced bread is the greatest thing since sliced bread.


  1. "An American won the world air guitar championships. This was news on BBC, people. BBC." The only reason I can think they covered this was that Brian May was the judge. But still.

    Now get back here you naughty Moon!

  2. I schedule my posts for 8 AM. No good reason, just do. But you're right. It is a lot of scrolling.

  3. Naughty moon. In about a trillion years we're all going to fall off and go floating into space.

    I do take advantage of the healthy dark chocolate once in a blue moon:)

    P.S. I gave you the Daisy Award. I look forward to hearing the 7 weird things about you!

  4. Bad moon! Bad!! Behave yourself!

    I've known the odd person who I'd fully expect would end up running over police cruisers with a truck. I find myself wondering why they haven't done something like that yet...


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