Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Campaign Begins

EDIT: It has begun. Go now!

Well, almost. About six months ago, I joined up the Writer’s Platform Building Crusade. It was a lot of fun, what with the flash-fiction competitions and meeting new bloggers. Rachel Harrie, our wonderful host, changed the name this time around for reasons I completely understand. Some words just get a negative connotation.

So now it’s the Writers’ Platform Building Campaign, and I’m sure it’s going to be just as fun as the one in February. Signups start next Monday, the twenty second and end on the thirty first. Mark the dates in your calendars, because of course that’s the week I’m taking off from blogging and I’d hate for you to forget.

The purpose of the whole thing is to connect with new bloggers. During the last go-round, I made a lot of new bloggy friends, wrote some actual flash fiction, and just had a good time. I’m betting this Campaign will be the biggest yet and I think Rachel is, too, because you no longer have to follow each and every Campaigner, just the ones in your group. Although I guess you can if you want to : ). 

Excited yet? 


  1. I'm definitely joining in on the next Campaign! :) It sounds like it's going to be a lot of fun.

  2. I am definitely checking in on this; summer has been lazy, altho I did a lot of writing on my wip.

  3. Thanks for the reminder of this. I can't wait to play.

  4. Yay! Although I'm not technically playing this time: the beginning of the semester already has my brain addled. I'm not adding to it.

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  6. Hi! I'm a fellow campaigner in your Dystopia group. Nice to meet you!

  7. Hi Jen - thanks for stopping by my blog. Really looking forward to the campaign (noob here!) and getting to know you.


  8. hi dropped round to greet fellow campaigner here and on dystopian hope you enjoyed your week off!

  9. Hello!

    I'm another campaigner and we're in the post-apocalyptic group together :D

    I'm slowly making my way around everyone!

    I'm a new follower :D


  10. Hey! It's great to meet a fellow campaigner!


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