Monday, September 27, 2010

Contest fever

Sorry, nothing interesting to blog about today. I'm pushing through to finish revisions so I can get my book out to beta readers, revise some more, and then get it out. Speaking (or writing) of which, if anyone actually does read this and wants to read my YA/Dystopian, leave a comment. I'm sure I'll have more luck with twitter (well, I hope so).

There is, however, another contest going on. Elizabeth Briggs (Lizwrites on twitter) is giving away a bunch of books from San Diego Comic Con. Anyone interested, enter here. Super cool of you, Liz!


  1. Your comment on my post about blogger made me laugh. So glad you left a comment, I like this blog and I need more blogs to follow to feed my addiction. I'm you're #10 follower woo hoo!



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