Saturday, April 2, 2011


First of all, thank you Myne Whitman for letting me preview and review your book. It was great. Second of all, thank you for answering my interview questions (I'll post those later). Third of all, to everyone looking for my Twitter Pitch, check the previous post.

Finally, the review!

By Myne Whitman.

About: Ten years after breaking up, Efe Sagay and Kevwe Mukuro aren’t quite over (blaming) each other. Now that they've been reunited in Nigeria, will they rekindle their lost romance?

Vivid writing style. It’s easy—and fun—to get into the book.
“She didn‘t tell her mum that she needed suitors like she needed a gun to the head.” Very nice little nugget of how Efe feels.
I enjoy the time period switching and how the two stages of the relationship parallel each other.

The first chapter is a bit backstory-filled.
Some roughness in the writing.

I really enjoyed A LOVE REKINDLED. The characters were fun and believable. It was easy to get involved with them, care about the worries in their lives. I love the way it jumped back and forth, from the time Efe and Kevwe met to the time they’re reunited. It gave a dual perspective on what was going on, from starry-eyed lovers to jilted ones, and it made the “rekindled” part of the story more enjoyable. My only real problem was that some things that happened stretched believability. They were the types of things that happen all the time in real life but you can’t always get away with in novels. For the most part, it worked because the plot is well stitched together. 

Final Word
If your a fan of romances or good stories, this book is a great investment. It's being released on Kindle, in paperback, and Createspace. Check out Myne's site for more details.


  1. Oh, cool! I was on Myne's blog yesterday & thinking that I'd love to read this book. Thanks for reviewing!

  2. This is so cool! I didn't blog much today, and just decided to check. Thanks!


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