Saturday, February 28, 2015


I actually started this comic over a month ago, right after the event in question happened. I was right in the middle of making all the stick figures for it when my computer crapped out on me. And, well…you know the rest.

Let me set the scene: I’ve mentioned previously that my mom had laser eye surgery (no, no, I know what you’re thinking and let me stop you; she does not get laser vision, which I think makes the thing poorly named). About a month after each eye was done, she had to go back to the eye doctor for a follow up just to make sure everything was healed up well. Because she needs to have her eyes dilated, she can’t drive herself home, so of course I’m the one who has to go with her and get her driving criticized loudly and frequently because it’s not like I have feelings, and you know what, I don’t think I’m that terrible, but god forbid she stop cringing every time I hit the gas or get within fifty yards of the car in front of me. Um. But that’s a story for another day.

Anyway, we had to stop for gas on the way up there…

Keep in mind, this was before eight feet of snow was dumped on the area. In fact, it was the first actual snow storm of the season. And it happened right after the car’s battery died (it just needed a jump, but she’s probably going to have to get a new one sometime soon).


  1. Did you make it to her appointment on time?

  2. At least it was just the battery. Sometime I'll tell you all about the time it was my starter, only it wasn't my starter...

  3. This is why I have AAA, They come and help, but the aftermath of fixing things is still a nightmare and a time drain.

  4. Sorry - that's a stinky situation to be in! :( I've been there before and it is not fun.


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