Saturday, March 10, 2012

Distractions, Distractions

Just for the sake of preventing you from writing, here are the best websites out there that will completely mesmerize you.

            It doesn’t just have TV. Movies, games, books—they’re all in there. You’ll start by maybe looking up a favorite book, like one of the Harry Potter books, and see all the things in it that have been used before. Then you’ll notice a funny trope and you’ll have to check out all the different ways it’s been used over the years. You’ll spot an old TV show you used to watch and wonder what tropes it is associated with. And so on. And so on. FOREVER.

            This site is also known as “I read the comics so you don’t have to.” Josh posts and comments on various newspaper comic strips, from the unintentionally hilarious dramatic strips (you should see him when he gets started on Mary Worth), to the painfully bland comedic strips (well, they’re supposed to be comedic, although I’ve never laughed at most of them). It’s easy to spend hours looking through the archives because Jeff is hilarious.

            Like I don’t mention this enough. But it’s worth mentioning since if I’m ever supposed to be writing but not, I’m probably on Newgrounds playing one of the games. And if the game has pointless achievements, then I can’t leave until I have them all. Although that may be due more to OCD than to the game.

And soon, my plan will come to fruition. You’ll all be trapped on the internet while I become the emperor of the world. Mwa-ha-ha!


  1. I am obsessed with TV Tropes! It's like a black hole of television trivia, I can be on there for hours at a time...procrastination at its best.

  2. Oh, my. Thanks for these links! As if I need more things to take away from my meager writing time. LOL.

  3. I never heard of it before. And will probably never figure it out.

    *bow to the emperor* hehe

  4. haha, thank you for the procrastination enabling links ;)

  5. Ah, more distractions! Just what I needed!


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