Tuesday, July 24, 2018

From The Spamfiles

It’s that time of month again! I really don’t feel like coming up with an original post.

Hey, I’m not a senior! I mean, sure, I hurt my knee a few months ago and sometimes my back aches and I can’t see as well at night as I used to oh my god I’m a senior.

I assume that secret is “Cut the child in half.”

Good, because when I’m on the go my oxygen is always going unconcentrated.

I would really hope the price quote would be free. Can you imagine having to pay someone to tell you how much you have to pay them?

Wow. And here I thought tinnitus was caused by problems in the inner ear! But nope. It’s food.


  1. Unfortunately I think I qualify as a senior now.

  2. Because when you think of King Solomon, the word Olympus is the first thing that comes to mind.

  3. I've been getting snail mail for hearing aids at least for the last decade.

  4. One of my email addresses is convinced I'm a senior. Perhaps because it's a service that is primarily used by seniors only nowadays... Ah well. It makes it that much easier to know it's spam. (That and how they seemingly think I'm a conservative. As if!)

  5. I constantly get emails for senior citizen this or that, but I just assumed it was a Florida thing. :)

  6. Wait until you are a senior. You get that spam stuff in the snail mail too.


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