Tuesday, March 14, 2017

More Weird Searches

There is nothing weirder than trying to look something up and have Google autofill something that you’re afraid will get you arrested for looking at it. Seriously, why do people ask these questions?

At first I was laughing, because it’s really easy to stop singing, but then I remembered that there are things like Tourette’s where people can’t help it and I felt like a jerk.

…Maybe the internet isn’t the one you should be asking why you got married. Maybe if you are, your marriage is in serious trouble.

Now, this one we can all laugh at. Also, asparagus.

Your goldfish didn’t die of natural causes. It was murder!

Obviously therealreal is legit. It has two reals in it.

You ever search and wind up stumbling over something funny?


  1. I know if my body parts shrunk, I wouldn't be asking the Internet.

  2. In the case of my goldfish, it was murder - one of the other fish ate him.

  3. Of course I had no idea who this Chumlee guy was, and looking him up makes me wish I hadn't. The guy looks like he's been hit in the face a thousand times with an ugly stick.

  4. My kids thought it was very funny when they started searching something that began A-D-O and the first four were Adobe products, then the next was Adolph Hitler.

  5. The prompts I get are never as good as the ones you get. I think you must ask weirder questions on a general basis.

  6. What's really scary is when you start typing something in, and the Google search finishes with exactly what you were looking for. (Of course, at the moment I can't think of what that was...)

  7. Sometimes some of those questions make me wonder. Other times I think those people shouldn't be turning to Google for answers but a doctor.


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