Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Spam Bingo

Might as well end the month with this, since I totally misjudged when the last day of May was and didn’t have a post ready it’s in keeping with the theme of this month.
So close! I know I haven’t posted all of these here, but if you don’t believe me go ahead and look through the Spamfiles archive. They’re all there. Sometimes two or three times.

Just two more left. I’ve had someone call pretending to be someone I know asking for money (it’s that scam when someone calls pretending to be an underage relative in jail), but no emails. But I’m really disappointed that I haven’t received any impersonators that can be easily googled. How will I ever win the game?

And if you’d like some actual original contact, Cracked had another interesting article, this one about people using the names of actual people in the military to catfish women. I’ve gotten similar spam in the past several years, although asking for money, not trying to catfish me. This would definitely fall under the realm of pretending to be a real person you can easily google.


  1. Still two days left - it can happen.

  2. I've had friend requests on FB from supposedly military people, including generals, stationed in the Middle East.

  3. I've had the odd spam from someone claiming to be someone who's easily tracked down through Google.

  4. Lately I've been getting a lot of Amazon cancelled orders or refunded orders or such. The funny part is they go to the emails that my Amazon account is not connected to. (I have several email addresses. I do all my shopping with one. And that one--not an Amazon question at all.)

  5. I just get the ones trying to sell me insurance and viagra at home. The interesting spam goes to me work email address...

  6. Those last two open ones are scary. You just can't trust anything in your email. I've gotten ones pretending to be Paypal and wanting me to log in due to some issue.


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