Saturday, August 11, 2018


So I was sound asleep last week when this happened. At four thirty in the morning.
It was so painful and I couldn’t lie down, it just made it hurt worse. Eventually it waned enough for me to get back to sleep, where I was then plagued by weird dreams, including my face being infected and swollen. Which was because I was sleeping in an awkward position with my cheek mashed into the pillow.

Yeah. Not a great night.


  1. Just wait until you really do get old! It gets worse...

  2. Sounds like a bit of pinched sciatic nerve.

  3. I woke up in the night a couple of weeks back to an ache in my right knee that was unexplained. I expect it in the left knee- I've got some arthritis there thanks to a hit and run accident years ago.

  4. I've had that a few times before. It's weird, and painful and awful.

  5. Ouch. Have you seen a doctor? I hope it was a one time thing.


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