Language of Confusion
Every word I've ever etymologized. If you can't find a particular word, it's probably because I haven't done it yet. You can also try looking for the suffix (i.e. there's no entry for require, but there is for -quire).

A and An Down Last Repel
Aberration Doze Late Replete
-Able Drama Later Repose
-Able Dread Lay Request
Above Dread Lazy Reserve
Abstain Drive Lead -Ress
Accident Drop Learn -Rest
Accident Drown Lecture Retain
Accuse Drug Left Retrieve
Acme -Duce Leg Revenge
Adequate -Duce Legal Reverberate
Adjective Duck Legend Review
Adore Durable Legitimate Right
Advertise Duration Lemon Rite
Advice Duress Less Rival
Advice During Lesson River
Advise Each Let Roast
Advise Earn Lexicon Robust
Affirm East Liar Role
Age Eat Lie Rudiment
Agony Eccentric Ligament Rule
Aim Eclectic Lime Run
Alias Educate Liver -Rupt
Alien Eggnog Load Rupture
Allude Elect Log Ruthless
Aluminum Electron Logic Safe
Always Element Logo Sane
Am Elude Logos Sanitize
Analog Emancipate Loiter -Scape
Ancient Emerge Loud Scare
Anger Employ Love Scorpion
Angst End Low Sea
Ant Endure Loyal Second
Antagonist Entertain Luck Secure
Anthology Entrance Lunar Sedan
Anticipate Envelop Lunatic Sediment
Anxiety Envelope Lunch Segment
Apex Envy Lung Segue
Apocalypse Epilogue Lynx Select
Apology Equal Mad Selene
Appeal Equivalent Main Senior
Apple Erect Maintain Sentiment
Appropriate Err Make Separate
Ardor Errand Malevolent Sequel
Arm Errant Man Sequence
Arrive Erratic -Mand Sequester
Arrogant Error Manifest Serve
Art Espresso Mattress Shake
Ascend Evade Mausoleum Shiver
Assassin Even Mean Shook
At Evening Mean Shoot
Atomic Ever Medium Should
Attack Every Melon Shudder
Attain Evident -Mend Sick
Aught Evil -Ment -Sign
Augment Ex- Merge Silent
Aunt Excise Merit Silver
Autumn Excuse Mice Sink
Avenge Exercise Mid -Sist
Avid Exhaust Middle Sister
Avocado Exorcise Minute Slaughter
Avoid Explain -Miss Sleep
Baby Expose -Miss Sleet
Bad Extinguish -Mission Slip
Ballistics Eye Moment Slow
Banana Fabric Money Slug
Bane Fair Monologue Slumber
Bay Fall Monster Smart
Be Fanatic Monument Snake
Bear Fare Moon Snooze
Beauty Fast Moose Snow
Bee Father Morbid Soil
Beget Fatigue More Solar
Begin Fear Mortal -Solution
Belated Felt Mortgage -Solve
Beneath -Fer Mortify Son
Benevolence Ferment Mosquito -Sort
Best Ferret Mother Source
Better Fester Mountain South
Beverage Festive Mouse Sparrow
Bi- Fever Mouth -Spect
Bib Fiber Municipal Speed
Bill Fiend Murder Sphere
Birth Fiery Must Spider
Black Figment Muster -Spire
Blaze Figure Musty Spite
Blizzard Filament Mute Spleen
Bludgeon File Name Spoof
Blue Filet Nap Spooky
Blunderbuss Filigree Nasty Spring
Bobcat Fillet Naught Square
Bottom Filter Near Squash
Bough Filth Neglect Stab
Bow Final Neologism Stall
Brain Finch Nephew Staple
Brake Find Nervous Start
Break Finger Net Starve
Breakfast Finish Next Stay
Brother Finite Niece Step
Brown Fire Nigh Still
Brownie Firm Nil Stomach
Brush Flame Noel Stop
Brutal Flea Noise Storm
Bureau -Flict North Strait
Burn Flip Nose Stranger
Bury Float -Note Strangle
-Bush Flu Nothing Strawberry
Bust Fly Noun -Strict
Buttress Foot Nuclear Subext
By For Nucleus Submerge
Cable Forceps Number Subtle
Cadaver Forest Observe Suffocate
Cadaver Forget Obtain Sugar
Cadence Forgive Obtrusive -Sult
Cake Fortune Occasion -Sume
Callous Foul Occident Summer
Canary Found Occult Summit
Candy Fountain Occupy Sun
Cantaloupe Free Ocean Supercilious
Capable Freeze Ocelot Supper
Capacity Freeze Odd Suppose
Caper Friend Of -Sure
Capital Fright Often Surrogate
Caption Frigid Ointment Surveillance
Captive From Old Survey
Car Frost Onion Sustain
Carcass Fry Open Swallow
Card Fuck Operate Sweet
Cardinal Fund Oppose Syllogism
Carol Fury Opt Tact
Case Fuse Orange Tactic
Cash -Fuse Order Tan
Casual Future Organ Tangerine
Casualty Gag Organic Tarantula
Cat Game Organize Teach
Catalog Garden Ornament Teal
Catapult Garment Pact Tear
Catch Geezer Pain Tease
Cater Genius Pant Tech
Cease Genuflect Pants -Tempt
-Cede Gerbil Paper Tenement
Cell -Gest Parchment Tense
Cement Gesture Participate Terminate
Cemetary Get Passion Termite
-Cence part 1 Ghost Past Terror
-Cence part 2 Gift -Past Test
Center Gift Pay Testament
-Cept Give Peach Testy
Certain Glad Peak Text
Chance Glare Pelt -Text
Chase Gnat Pen Texture
Cheer Go Pencil Than
Cherry Goes Penetrate Thanks
Chicken Gold Pension Though
Chill Gone Pensive Thrive
Chocolate Good People Thumb
Choice Goose Perceive Thunder
Choke Gorgeous Perfect Tick
Choose Gourd Persuade Time
Circle -Grade Pertain Tin
Clementine Gradual Pestilence Tip
Clever Graduate Pheasant Tire
Cline Grand- Pick Tissue
Clod Grape Pie Toe
Close Grapefruit Pigment Toil
-Clude Grass Pink Tomb
Cobra Grate Plague Top
Cockroach Grateful Plain Torment
Coffin Grave Plan Tornado
Coil Great- Plane Toy
Coin Green Planet Transcend
Coincident -Gress, Part 1 Plant Transfigure
Cold -Gress, Part 2 Platinum Transpose
Colleague Grit Plot Treat
Collect Gross Plum Tree
College Guide -Ply Tremble
Collusion Guinea Pig Poison Tremor
Colonel Guise Polish -Trib
Color Gulf Pond Tribe
Com- Hack Popular Tribulation
Combustion Hail Port Tribunal
Comedy Half Port- Tribune
Comment Hall -Port part 1 Tribute
Compartment Halt -Port part 2 Trick
Compel Hamster Pose Trilogy
Complain Hand Post Trip
Complement Handsome Pound Trove
Complete Happy Prank Truck
Compliment Harsh Precise True
Compose Haste Prelude Truth
Conceal Have Preposition -Tude part 1
Conceive Haven Prerogative -Tude part 2
Concentrate Hawk Present -Turb
Concern Head Preserve Turkey
Concise Heart -Press part 1 Ubiquitous
Condescend Hearth -Press part 2 Ugly
Cone Heat Pressure Ultimate
Confess Heave Pretext Ultimo
Confirm Heavy Pretty Uncle
Conjunction Heft Prince Under
Conquest Helio- Private Union
Consecrate Hell Privilege Unit
Conserve Hello Probable Up
Considerate Helm Problem Urge
Contact Hex Profess Utility
Contain Hey Profession Value
Contest Hi Professor Van
Context Hideous Profile Vary
Contrive Hierarchy Prologue Vehicle
Convey High Propel Vengeance
Conveyance Hoax Proper -Vent
Cookie Hold Property Verb
Cool Hole Propose -Verse
Cop Holiday Protagonist -Verse
Corporate Homologous Protect Very
Corpse Honeydew Proton Vice
Correct Horror Protrude Vicious
Cougar Hot Prove Victor
Could How Provide Video
Count Hull Provision View
Counter Human Prudent -Vince
Country Hurricane Pudding Vindicate
County Hurt -Pulse Violet
Cousin Hush Puma Viper
Cranberry Idea Pumpkin Visage
Craze Ideal Purchase Vise
Creek Idle Purple Vision
Cremation Idol Purpose Visit
Cricket Ignite Purvey Visual
Crisis Ill Pus Void
Cruel Imbibe Push Voluntary
Cube Impel -Pute Vulgar
Cure Impinge Pyro Waist
Currency Implement Python Ward
Curse Impose Quagmire -Ward
Curtain Improvise Quaint Warm
-Cute Incarcerate Quake Was
Danger Incident Quest Wasp
Daughter Incident Question Waste
De- Incipient Quick Watermelon
Death Incise Quiet Weak
Decadence Inclement Quiet Wealth
Decay Incline -Quire Weary
Deceive Indigo Quit Well
Deciduous Individual Quiver West
Decisive Inert Rabbit What
Decline Infest Rack When
Deer Infirm Rage Where
Define Ingredient Rain Which
Definite Initial Rake White
Deflect Injury Rank Who
Degree Inquest Rapid Why
Delude Instill Raspberry Wicked
Demonstrate Intact Rat Will
Deplete Intellect Rate Wilt
Depose Intelligent Raucous Wind
Deprive Interjection Rave Winter
Derive Interrogation Read Wise
Derogatory Intrusive Receipt Wit
Descend Invade Receipt Witch
Desert Invigorate Receive Witness
Deserve Ion Recidivist Wizard
Detain Irate Recipe Wolf
Detect Ire Reckless Woman
Devil Iron Recline Won't
Dialect Irony Recollect Work
Dialogue Is Recover Worry
Dict- Jaguar Rect Worse
-Dict Jealous Rectal Worst
-Dict -Ject Rectangle Worth
Diligence Jest Rectify Would
Din Jest Recuperate Wound
Dinner Jinx Recuse Wrath
Direct Job Red Wren
Dirt Joke Reflect Writer
Dis- Journey Reflex Xeno
Discern Joy Refrigeration Xerox
Discombobulate Just Refuse Year
Disease Juxtapose Regard Yearn
Disguise Keep Regent Yellow
Disgust Kid Regime Yes
Dispel Kill Regimen You're Welcome
Dispose Kin Regiment Youth
Dissuade Kind Region Yule
Distinguish Kiss Register Zany
Divide Kite Regular Zenith
Do Kleptomania Reign Zilch
Document Know Reign Zip
Does Labor Rein Zombie
Dog Lake Religion Zoo
Doll Lament Reluctant Zoom
Done -Lapse Repeal Zucchini

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